Photographs Never Lie People Do by Daniel Malka

Thanks Gracias

Images never lie and neither do I

In June 2011, after losing too much weight in a short time, I was tested for cancer, and finally diagnosed as simply dying of a broken heart.I began to fight back. The only way I knew, was ; by creating images. I worked on my series Mexico Double Exposures.

As it was ; completed, Georgina Avila, who I thought of, as being the love of my life against all odds, came back, a week before her birthday after a few months of separation and silence.
A few days earlier, I had started experimenting with what I call my Malka Fotograms.
I registered day after day, scenes around me. The anatomy of a reborn relationship with Georgina Avila, broken a couple of months later by false pretexts and lies

From silence to silence, ; as we parted once again, she continued observing me, following me from a distance, hanging on to ; my photographs that she said she admired so much.

I thank from the bottom of my heart, all the friends that gave me their support, and contributed in saving my life:

To Adriano

To Orquidea

To Svetla

To Cristina

To my daughter Luna

and to Dr Stan.

© Copyright 2010-2012 on all texts and photographs Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

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